We are learning to show and talk about using our CARE values at Oaklands School.

Student Voice -
" I show CARE values all the time. I do excellent work and I respect other children by being nice to them". 


Term 4 production: Dance through the ages

We are learning to do a dance and perform it in unison with a group.

Student Voice
" I like the actions to Rockin' Robin".

Writing Term 4

WALT write a recount.
We will have written about something that has already happened.  We will have answered some of these questions - who, what,when,where,why?

Yesterday I went to my Poppy’s table tennis. Meg, Bella and I played tables tennis. I had cake.

Yesterday I played on my tramp with my sister who is three. She jumped big. 

Discovery Term 4

I was thinking about what I was doing on the laptop.
We are learning to engage in positive relationships with others and focus on developing the key competencies:
Managing self
Using language, symbols and text
Participating and contributing 
Relating to others