2015 Reflection

Things I have enjoyed:
I enjoyed art like my self portrait and my Zentangles and my insects Zentangles and 
Challenges I have had: 

Proud moments:

In 2016 I am looking forward to:

By Paige  

Arion farm park

On Thursday  room 8 went on a bus  to  arion farm . It was a bumpy  ride there we got to see🐰🐁🐎🐓🐐🐏🐷🐖 they are cute I got to go to the pigs .

chicken tractor

On Thursday room 8 went to the food forest  with room 23  to see the chicken                                                                      

Word Work

on the 29.7.15 I did tag- a -longs


              g oing

candy land

Once a upon a time there was a little princess she had a dress made out of candy floss her crown is  made out of marshmallow  and  her name was  candy . She had a  pink dragon named flossy she is a girl too.
The castle was pink  and blue . The trees are  made out of lolly-pops the bus  is made out of  frozen chocolate. .
The mud is made out of black  jam  her room is made out of candy floss

                                                   DAY 2                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          She found a sad girl in the woods  she looked like she was lost  I showed her the way home but she don't want to because she had a home in the woods already she had a dog  its name was fluffy it was raining gumdrops I had to go home  because her dragon was outside it was getting to night she is going take the little girl back to her castle.she staret become a princess.

                                                  1  Year later

she is part of the family

                                    THE END!!!

My Self Portrait

WALT paint our self portrait.
I think that my hair is well painted and it is close to my hair colour. Next time I would paint my top more carefully because I used too much paint this time.

slipper fierce snakes

Slipper  fierce  snakes   snakes are reptiles.  They live in the deserts and hot rain forest to keep their bodies hot.They look like a cylinder  and they are long.They to slide on their belly. They have to eat other animals to live . Little snakes  eat insects lizards and rats.Bigger snakes eat bigger animals like wild pigs.Some live up to 20-30 years They can eat stuff bigger then its head

by Paige