I.A.L.T further develop my Maths knowledge and strategies through using Mathletics.

Oaklands School Jubliee

I.A.L.T recount the Oaklands School Jubilee.

In my piece of writing I am proud...
that I have added in lots of detail!

Buddy Reading

I.A.L.T develop my reading fluency.

Paige says...
I am proud of my reading skills!

P.E. Athletics

In athletics I have been learning to run from a lying start and working towards a crouched normal sprint start.

I know I can do this when I can:
  • Get into the starting position ready to race
  • Push myself up into a running position
  • Aim to run towards the finish line
  • Run hard and fast in a straight line to reach the finish line
  • Run from a crouched sprint starting position.
I can get ready, push myself up and run fast to the finish line. I am learning to run from a crouched sprint start position.

Reading Term 4

In Reading I am learning to:
Retell the story in lots of detail.

I know when I can do this because I can:
  • Talk about the characters in the text
  • Talk about where the story takes place (setting)
  • Explain what happens in the story
  • Answer questions about the text.

I can already talk about the characters, setting and explain what happens in the story. I am learning to answer questions about the text.