candy land

Once a upon a time there was a little princess she had a dress made out of candy floss her crown is  made out of marshmallow  and  her name was  candy . She had a  pink dragon named flossy she is a girl too.
The castle was pink  and blue . The trees are  made out of lolly-pops the bus  is made out of  frozen chocolate. .
The mud is made out of black  jam  her room is made out of candy floss

                                                   DAY 2                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          She found a sad girl in the woods  she looked like she was lost  I showed her the way home but she don't want to because she had a home in the woods already she had a dog  its name was fluffy it was raining gumdrops I had to go home  because her dragon was outside it was getting to night she is going take the little girl back to her castle.she staret become a princess.

                                                  1  Year later

she is part of the family

                                    THE END!!!

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