2017 Athletics Reflection

  1. I use a growth mindset when I was racing because in my first race I won because i didn't give up. In the finals I was happy even though I came 5th I was still happy.  

  1. No I didn't achieve my goal because I wanted to go to South West Zones. I thought I had a good chance of getting in for sprints, but I didn't get in. I might get there next time.
  1. I was cheering on other people when they were running in my house when they were doing the house relays. I wore house colours to represent my house. I participated in every event and go house points for my house.

  1. When I did high jump I did really well. I got up to 95cm.

  1. High jump, because it's hard to jump over the bar in the first and second try. I got over some of the times and knocked the bar sometimes too.

  1. Short sprints, because I was the final heat and I am proud because I have never been in the finals.

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