A Moment In Time Writing

Opening sentence: I was walking along the beach when there was a loud noise like a gunshot.

(P1) When I look around I see a massive boulder. l look around and I see more of them, all stuck to each other. I see lots of tiny birds flying away as the boulders crash into the sand.

(P2) I can hear the super slow waves going in and out on the beach.All of the boulders are starting to crack, like it was fireworks nighf. As I walk on the sand I hear it crushing like rocks Banging!!! at a old brick  wall.  

(P3) As I walked  I started smelling a very minty candy cane smell from the massive boulders, it was like there was a world inside the boulders.My lunch smelt great, it was like a sub and  as the waves went in and out, I smelt the salty sea air.

(P4)As I'm walking on the beach I feel the really cold waves hit my feet like tin bottles. I  can feel sharp shells flying from the big boulders  and hitting me asIi walk closer. One of the boulders is spitting out sand, I feel the sand rushing in to my hair.

(P5)I can taste the hard and crunchy specks of sand in my mouth and as I am running  to the boulder,  I stop and take a big drink of a very cold bit of Fanta. The really hard bits of salt race into my mouth.

Closing sentence: There was a massive storm and the boulders disappeared into thin air.

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