Writing - Term 1

WALT write for enjoyment (free writing)

The Light !!!

Once a upon a time there was a little girl named Lily. Lily had a dog named Storm. One day Lily took Storm for a walk. When they were on their walk they saw a light, it looked like a fire. Lily and Storm were SO scared that they ran back home. Lily talked to her Mum and Dad about it. They were all scared. Then they went outside and they saw the light. Lily stayed outside all night. She talked to her Mum and Dad, every hour it got closer.

The next day, Lily found a box on the door step, it said for Lily Clark and your family. She called her Mum and Dad. They came out and so did Storm. They opened the box, there were five puppies. Lily and her Mum and Dad named them Libby, Keira, Paige, Jess and Daphne. Storm was like their Mum.

Lily took them for a walk that afternoon. They saw the light. When they came home it was night time. Lily's Mum and Dad had to go out, Lily could stay home by herself because she was 15. Lily went to bed, she woke up at 1am. She went to go get breakfast when she saw a CLOWN. She ran upstairs. ALL of the puppies were gone.

She went back to sleep and in the morning told her Mum and Dad. They looked for hours and they could only find Libby and Paige's collar. Lily looked under the bed, she didn't see anything. She looked under the couch and found Libby, Paige and Storm. Storm saved Libby and Paige. Storm started barking. Lily looked behind her and saw the clown, she hid under the bed. The clown went away.

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